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What is Play Therapy?

Parenthood can be a constant worry. You may feel your child is not performing well at school; is constantly anxious or unhappy; doesn't play with others or is unable to communicate; has a physical or learning disability; is exhibiting disruptive behaviours; or may be inattentive to others and their environment. Whatever your concerns may be, Play Therapy can help.


Play is commonly misconceived  as ‘frivolous fun’, something that should be given to children as a break between learning. However, for children, play is learning. Play is a child’s universal right and it is how they gain an understanding of who they are and how they can make sense of the world.


Play is essential for the development of language and communication skills; logical and creative thinking; fine and gross motor skills; and also has many therapeutic benefits. Play Therapy can enable children to gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them, helping them overcome behavioural, emotional and social issues. It can aid social interaction, encourage communication, reduce anxiety and help towards better social integration, growth and development, leading to a full and happy adult life.

Why Play Therapy?


Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses play, a child's natural mode of communication, to help them resolve their issues. Traditional forms of therapy may be very intimidating for a child and can cause added stress rather than actually resolving the issues that your child may be facing.


Play Therapy provides a safe place for your child to explore and learn about the world without judgement, offering a mode of expression that is familiar and more comfortable for the child. The Play Therapist works to form a stong bond with your child which provides them with a feeling of safety - a secure base from which they can work to explore and resolve, or at the very least manage, whatever may be troubling them.


Through the therapeutic alliance, the child’s inner resources are enabled and their trust and confidence will grow as they begin to independently explore the world, engaging more creatively in play, working through their issues, developing an understanding of the problems they are facing and learning how to come to terms with them.


Play Therapy holds your child with unconditional positive regard and will always work to bring out their strengths, enabling them to reach their full potential, regardless of any hindering issues that they may have. Within the Play Therapy room, your child will begin to understand the world, how to cope and how to respond, and this will in turn transcend into the outside world, leading to a full and healthy life.


Who are We?


The National Association for Play Therapy India is a not for profit organisation that works to provide Play Therapy services and training throughout India, connecting therapists in the field and setting a nationwide standard for accredited therapists to adhere to, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service.


We are a nationally registered charitable trust and work hard to provide our services to all who need them, regardless of their financial background. We are also connected with several international institutions and work to conduct new research in the field of Play Therapy.

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