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The National Association for Play Therapy India are currently able to offer a variety of services throughout Bangalore

Play Therapy can benefit a wide range of children of any age, aiding with difficulties such as:


- Behavioural Issues

- Emotional Difficulties

- Coping with Traumatic Experiences                                     (such as abuse, abandonment, etc.)

- Social and Communication Deficits

- Learning Difficulties

- Developmental Disabilities 

(including ASD, GDD, ADHD and many more)  


We are currently working throughout Bangalore to provide our services to as many children as possible.


Services include:


- Individual Play Therapy Sessions

- Group Play Therapy Sessions

- Family Therapy Sessions

- Parental Training and Workshops to develop key skills     for home use

- Staff Training and Workshops to develop key skills for     use within schools, centres and other childcare and         educational organisations


Our services are available for parents, schools and organisations and sessions can be held at your home, centre, or at our office in Bangalore.


To enquire about a home visit or to find out if we are currently providing services at a centre near you, please call us on:

+91 96 6399 5980


If you are part of an organisation and would like to offer our Play Therapy services at your school or centre, or are interested in any of our staff training programs, please email us at:

The National Association for Play Therapy India are also able to offer an online training porgramme for Parents of Children with Special Needs. For more information, please click here.

You may now also search for a Play Therapist using our online database here.




Call us: +91 96 6399 5980




Our 'Play Empowers' Programme

The National Association for Play Therapy India runs a 'Play Empowers' programme which strives to provide free services to as many in need children as we can. This includes:


- Children from surrounding villages and rural areas

- Street Children and Orphans

- Children from families with a poor socio-economic background


If you feel your child could benefit from our Play Therapy services, or you run an organisation for disadvantaged children and would like to take advantage of our 'Play Empowers' programme, please contact us.


We are also seeking funding for the programme to further our services. If you would like to help fund our project, sponsor a child or even volunteer your services, please email us at:


Thanks for your support in helping the children!

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